Made to Measure Shower Trays

Room H2o can manufacturer made to measure shower trays in a variety of colours and to your bespoke measurements in as little as 3 weeks with prices starting from only £520.80 including VAT.

Made to measure shower tray with cut away side by Room H2o

Model shown: Extra-flat custom shower tray in Cappuccino colour with cutaway side and optional upstands

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About Room H2o made to measure shower trays

Our tailor made shower trays are solid construction and manufactured from SILEXPOL; a patented stone resin polymer which is very strong, antibacterial and available in a range of standard colours.  We can also produce bespoke shower trays in any RAL colour for a small additional charge.  Flat and framed styles of shower tray are available with either brushed stainless steel or painted square or linear waste grate and high flow waste which is supplied with all our trays.

Choose from 2 styles of shower tray

You can choose from a choice of 2 styles of shower tray

Extra-flat – measuring only 30mm in thickness with a square stainless or painted square waste grate

Privilege – measuring only 25mm in thickness with a central linear stainless or painted waste grate

Extra-flat and Privilege styles of bespoke shower tray offered by Room H2o

Choose from 8 standard colours or any RAL colour

Choose from 8 standard colours, or have your bespoke shower tray in any RAL colour for an additional 30% surcharge. Standard colours include White, Off White, Cream, Cappuccino, Grey, Wenge (brown), Ash and Black.

Room h2o custom made shower trays standard colours chart

A choice of finishes for your bespoke shower tray

Extra-flat and Privilege shower trays can be ordered with the following surface finish options

  • Extra-flat – smooth or slate textured slip-resistant finish
  • Privilege – smooth or slate and brick effect textured slip-resistant finishes

Room H2o custom shower tray smooth slate and brick surface finishes

Shower tray example layouts

We can produce custom trays in a wide range of sizes including cut outs and angles.  Below are some examples of what can be produce, please contact us to discuss your requirements

Bespoke shower tray layout examples


Custom shower tray features and options at a glance

  • Prices start from only £520.80 including Vat
  • Trays can be custom made in widths and lengths of between 600mm and 2000mm
  • Angled and square cut outs available – please note that we cannot currently accommodate curves although it is possible to add a cut out to the straight edges of standard sized curved quadrant shower trays.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements
  • Shower trays feature square or linear stainless-steel waste grates that can be painted to match or contrast with colour of your shower tray for an additional charge of £13.20 inc vat
  • Strong solid construction, made from SILEXPOL antibacterial and slip resistant stone resin polymer
  • Choose from 8 standard colours, or have your bespoke tray in any RAL colour for an additional 30% surcharge. Standard colours include White, Off White, Cream, Cappuccino, Grey, Wenge (brown), Ash and Black
  • High flow waste rated at 35ltrs per minute is supplied as standard with every made to measure shower tray.  We can also offer shallow, offset and extra-high-flow (52ltrs per minute) waste options if required
  • Upstands and skirts for raised tray options available
  • Bespoke and made to measure shower trays are covered by a comprehensive 5 year warranty
  • Measuring and templating service available (please note that this service is only available within 30 miles of our showroom in Surrey and Dorset)


How to order your shower tray

Ordering a shower tray from Room H2o is simple but if you have questions please do contact us, we are here to help.  You may also find reading our frequently asked questions below useful.

  • Contact Room H2o by telephone to discuss your requirements or send a simple diagram with your required measurements to us by email.
  • We will either, contact you if we have questions relating to your made to measure shower tray or simply provide you with a vat inclusive quotation.
  • Should you require a site survey to take accurate measurements, we will arrange a convenient date with you.
  • Once your shower tray measurements have been confirmed and you have chosen your colour, finish and waste options your tray will be put into production
  • When your shower tray is ready, usually within 2-3 weeks depending the options chosen, we will contact you to arrange a delivery date.

What our customers say about us


Excellent quality work and service. Will use them again if the need arises

Mr Smith – Dorset


Dear David, I would like to thank you and your team for a very professional finish, courtesy, cleanliness and response to our requirements.

Mr Wapshott – Dorset


Frequently Asked Questions

What are made to measure, custom and bespoke shower trays?

The term made to measure shower tray describes shower trays that are based on a standard design but manufactured to a non-standard size, shape or colour.  These products may also be referred to as custom made, tailor made or bespoke shower trays.

Why would I require a taillor made shower tray?

A tailor made shower tray will be required if a standard sized “off-the-peg” shower tray will not fit the available space, for very larger or small showers, for shapes other than rectangular or square showers or perhaps you just want an unusual colour for your shower tray.

Bespoke shower tray in white with up stands and curved cut out at the back to match the wall

If a custom shower tray is required you may also need a special size or shape shower enclosure, door or screen.  We can supply made to measure shower enclosures and we manufacture our own luxury frameless shower enclosures.  We can even measure and install your shower for you, contact us for details.

What is the cost of a bespoke shower tray?

Room H2o bespoke shower trays cost from £520.80 including vat for a 600mm x 600mm shower tray with standard waste and colour options.

Can I cancel or alter my shower tray once it is in production?

While it is entirely possible to make changes to your order once it is in production, custom made shower trays are bespoke products and are therefore non-refundable.  If you cancel your order or make changes to any element of the shower tray you may be liable for additional costs incurred.

What are Room H2o bespoke shower trays made from?

Room H2o shower trays are solid construction and made from a patented antibacterial and mould resistant polymer called SILEXPOL, developed by Fiora, which is very strong and durable, available in a range of colours, is easily repairable in the unlikely event of accidental damage and available in textured non-slip surface finish options.

Do you offer a choice of shower tray styles?

We offer tailor made shower trays in 2 styles.  Extra-flat with a square drain in smooth or slate textured finishes and Privilege with a centrally mounted stainless steel linear drain in slate or brick effect finishes.

How long does it take to manufacture a shower tray?

From confirmation of your order, and payment of a 50% deposit, shower trays typically take 2 – 3 weeks to manufacture.  Please note that special colours and some options may extend the production lead time.

Can Room H2o shower trays be manufactured to any shape?

Room H2o custom trays can be manufactured to suit most shape and size requirements including angles and cut out sections.  The exception to this is curved quadrant shower trays. Currently we are only able to accommodate cut out sections to the straight sides of the shower tray.  Please contact us for details.

Can bespoke shower trays be manufactured to any size?

We can custom make shower trays in sizes ranging from 600x600mm to a maximum of 2000x1000mm or 1800 x 1100mm. If you require a made to measure pentagon shower tray, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Can I choose the colour of my bespoke shower tray?

Yes, our shower trays are available in a choice of 8 standard colours at no extra cost or we can manufacture a shower tray for you in any RAL colour for an additional charge of 30%

Standard colours include White, Off White, Cream, Cappuccino, Grey, Wenge (brown), Ash and Black

Do you offer slip resistant finishes?

Yes. Extra-flat shower trays may be ordered with a textured slate finish while our Privilege trays feature either a slate or brick effect surface finish which look stylish and provide grip under foot.

How thick are Room H2o made to measure shower trays?

Excluding optional upstands (see below for information regarding options shower tray upstands), our made to measure Privilege shower trays measure 25mm in thickness and Extra-Flat shower trays are 30mm in thickness.

Can a shower tray be used in place of a wetroom floor?

Starting from only 25mm in thickness our made to measure shower trays can be recessed and tiled up to as a convenient and stylish alternative to a complicated wetroom floor.

A Room H2o custom made shower tray fitted in place of a wetroom floor

Can I have an upstand around my shower tray?

Yes, we can custom make shower trays with optional upstands which increase the overall height of the shower tray outer edges by 10mm.

Do you offer floor mounted and raised shower tray options?

Room H2o custom made shower trays are suitable for mounting flush with the floor or can be raised if access is required for pipework beneath.  For raised shower trays we can manufacture skirting in a matching colour, please contact us for details and pricing

What shower tray waste grate options do you offer?

We offer both standard square drain grates and central linear waste grates in brushed stainless steel as standard or painted to match or contrast with your tray colour for an additional charge of £14.40 including Vat. Privilege shower trays feature a centrally positioned linear waste and our Extra-Flat shower trays have an offset square waste grate.

Can I choose the position of my shower tray waste?

It may be possible to adjust the position of the shower waste slightly but this is dependent on the size and shape of the shower tray.  Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements.

What is the flow rate of the waste provided with shower trays?

Room H2o made to measure shower trays are supplied as standard with a high flow waste with a maximum flow rate of 35 litres per minute.  For more powerful shower systems an optional ultra-high flow waste, rated at 52 litres per minute, can be specified for an additional charge of £19.20 including vat.

Can Room H2o take measurements for my shower tray?

Yes, we offer a shower tray measuring service which costs £210 including vat.  The service is offered in Greater London, Surrey, Kent, Berkshire, Hampshire and Dorset.  Measurement survey fees are payable in full prior to the survey and are non-refundable.  Please contact us for details

Please note, in most instances we do not require the tiling to have been completed, the shower area and surrounding walls must have been completed and be ready for tiling for accurate measurements to be taken. 

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