Frameless Shower Enclosures FAQs

What are frameless shower enclosures, screens and doors?

Frameless shower enclosures, screens and doors have no aluminium frame, just large sheets of toughened safety glass, which are joined together – and to the walls – with discreet brackets and hinges. For a truly minimal appearance, simple, clear plastic and rubber push-fit seals are used.
As a luxury bathroom choice, frameless glass shower enclosures are usually made to measure and can be highly customised to suit individual space and layout needs, as well as preferred finishes for components and glass.

Frameless shower enclosures should not be confused with semi-frameless shower doors and enclosures, which are standard ‘off-the-peg’ products featuring minimal framework to create the look of frameless glass showers, at a lower price.

How much do frameless shower enclosures cost?

For a single frameless hinged shower door, including site survey and installation, prices start from around £1,500. A simple fixed walk-in shower screen can be manufactured and installed from £1,000 – all prices include VAT.

As frameless shower enclosures are customised products, the price can vary significantly. Bespoke shower screens will generally require detailed measurements to be taken by the manufacturer and, due to their complex nature, need to be professionally installed, so these costs should be taken into consideration alongside the price of the enclosure itself. At Room H20 we provide a comprehensive survey, manufacture and installation service for all made-to-measure frameless shower enclosures.

How do I order a frameless shower enclosure?

We aim to make designing and ordering your frameless shower enclosure simple and stress-free.

  • Contact us to discuss your requirements and the layout for your shower enclosure or send us a simple diagram, along with your contact details.
  • We’ll suggest suitable layouts and, once confirmed, send you a detailed drawing and price, including survey and installation costs, for provisional approval. We’ll also suggest a time to visit and carry out a site survey. This survey will cost £210, which must be paid in full before it’s carried out.
  • On the day of the site survey, our installation manager will discuss any layout issues with you and answer any questions, before taking detailed measurements for your frameless shower enclosure.
  • The measurements will be used to produce the final layout and manufacturing diagrams, which we will send to you for approval.
  • Once you have approved the manufacturing diagrams and paid the initial 50% deposit, the frameless shower enclosure will be put into production and we’ll arrange a provisional installation date with you.
  • The final balance is payable on the day of installation, once you have confirmed you’re satisfied with your new frameless glass shower enclosure.

Does the bathroom need to be finished before you take measurements for my bespoke shower screen?

Yes. Fully frameless glass shower enclosures feature little or no adjustment and are manufactured to exact measurements. So, the shower tray or wetroom floor and all wall tiling should be completed before the survey, as we can’t estimate any of the details.

We also ask that you, or a representative who is able to make design and layout decisions, be present at the time of the survey to discuss options and any design issues that may need to be considered.

Can I make changes to my frameless shower enclosure once it’s in production?

Once the glass has been cut and toughened it’s not possible to make changes to it.  While you can make changes to the layout and design of your shower enclosure at any stage of the process, you’ll be liable in full for any costs incurred, and changes will extend the production time. This is why we always recommend a full site survey and provide our customers with detailed diagrams of their proposed custom glass shower doors, before sign off and manufacture.

Can I cancel my frameless shower enclosure order?

You can cancel your order at any time. However, once a bespoke shower screen is in production, you’ll be liable to any material and associated costs incurred by Room H2o, including any components that have been ordered, if you cancel.

How long will it take to manufacture and install my frameless shower enclosure?

From the date of the site survey, simple hinged shower doors, bath screens and fixed shower screens can be manufactured and installed in as little as two to three weeks. More complex designs and bespoke finishes may take four to six weeks.

My walls are not plumb; can you accommodate this?

Yes. Our detailed site survey will establish both wall and floor levels, and the glass will be shaped accordingly.

Can frameless glass showers be fitted to stud and lightweight walls?

Yes, but the walls must be constructed to allow sufficiently strong fixing points for the glass. The glass used in frameless shower enclosures will usually be 10mm thick, although some may feature 8mm or 12mm glass, and weigh 25kg for every square metre. Additional timber studs will be required where the glass will be fixed to the walls and timber suspended floors may, on occasion, also need reinforcement.

Are raised boarder or decorative tiles an issue?

No. In some instances, we can template features such as boarder tiles or beams, and shape fixed glass panels to suit. Alternatively, we can liaise with your tiler and a small channel can be cut into boarder and feature tiles, to allow the glass to sit against the tiled wall. We’ll advise you accordingly during the site survey.

I have low ceilings; will this be an issue?

No. We can manufacture bespoke shower screens to accommodate low ceilings – just remember you’ll need enough height for the showerhead to be able to stand up.

Can you accommodate sloping ceilings in roof spaces and loft conversions?

Yes. Custom glass shower doors are ideal for loft conversions and bathrooms with sloping ceilings, as the glass can be shaped to match the contours of the ceilings and walls. Please click here to read our guide on shower enclosures for loft conversions.

Are frameless glass shower enclosures water tight?

Yes, under normal showering conditions frameless glass shower enclosures should be as water tight as semi-frameless or similar minimalist shower enclosures. However, if water is directed solely towards hinges or the bottom of the door, some water seepage may occur, so it’s advisable to fit a water dam to the floor below the door.

Are frameless shower enclosures and screens suitable for wetrooms?

Yes. Frameless glass showers are perfectly suitable for wetrooms and can be installed on a tiled floor or shower tray.

Can I install my frameless shower enclosure myself?

Frameless shower enclosures are complex and heavy structures and should be fitted by an experienced installer. We provide a complete measure, manufacturing and installation service, undertaken by our own in-house team of specialists, to ensure all our frameless shower enclosures fit and operate perfectly.

How safe is the glass in your bespoke shower screens?

All shower enclosures sold in the UK and EU must comply with the safety standard for glass EN12150. The toughened safety glass used for our frameless shower enclosures complies with this safety standard.

Are Room H2o frameless glass shower enclosures covered by a guarantee?

All our frameless shower screens, doors and enclosures are covered by a comprehensive guarantee. Glass and metal components have a 10-year guarantee for manufacturing defects, installation, rubber seals and silicone sealant are covered by a one-year guarantee. Sealing strips are push-fit and easily replaced, if needed, and you can purchase these from us.

For more information about our bespoke frameless shower enclosures and installation service, please contact us. Or, book an appointment to speak to one of our experts at our bathroom showroom located in Wareham Dorset.

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